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~ For Shoppers ~

Interested in taking advantage of the numerous discount opportunities offered by our Chamber members? Just click on any of the "Go" buttons below to begin your search! You can even modify your search to target whatever service you're looking for or interested in! Just think how much you can save by using Chamber members!


Show Your Phone

Take advantage of the Chamber’s social media outlets while you’re on-the-go. You have direct access to the discounts and bonus offers from our participating Chamber member businesses at your fingertips by showing the deal from one of our social media outlets. 

Chamber 1st Points

As a reward for using products and services from our Lebanon Valley Chamber member businesses, you will receive points. To claim these points, simply take a photo of your receipt date and the business which you patronized and tweet it to the Chamber with #membersquared or email it to Jessica and your points will be tallied. The more you patronize our Chamber member businesses, the more points you will receive. Members will also receive points for attending Chamber events. Once you’ve reached a certain level you have the opportunity to “cash out” your points or continue to let them accumulate*.


   50 PTS = Beverage-On-Us** ($5 value)

100 PTS = Chamber Gift

200 PTS = $10 Gift Card to a Chamber Business

300 PTS = Meal-On-Us** ($25 value)

      (1 PT = 1 received photo of receipt)

 * Points will be valid for 1 year following the date of your first received receipt. 

 ** Gift will be awarded for a Chamber member business of your choice.


~ For Advertisers ~ 

How Does M2M Work?

Lebanon Valley Chamber of Commerce members offer discounts to other Chamber members and their employees. The Chamber website and social media accounts publicize the discounts to our more than 700 members employers. The strength of the program is the fact that the discounts are also offered to the employees of all the Chamber member businesses, and this can mean exposure to thousands of potential customers for any business who participates in this program. It also provides Chamber members with an opportunity to offer their employees a no-cost additional benefit, in the form of discounts at area businesses.

The Member-2-Member Marketplace Program also gives the patron the opportunity to earn rewards. One “Chamber 1st” point will be awarded for every visit to a Chamber member business or organization. In addition, each member will receive bonus points for attending a Chamber event and double points on select days. The patron will be able to “cash out” those rewards or allow them to accumulate to the desired level. “Chamber 1st” points are based upon an annual scale of participation and will cancel out after one full year.

What Types of Discounts May I Offer Members?

Any discount can be offered! Some that may be offered include a percentage off the purchase price, such as 10% discount off car detailing or 10% off dry cleaning.


You could also offer a “bonus.” For example, if you operate a restaurant, you may want to offer a free dessert with a customer’s meal.


Be creative! You may want to keep in mind that to be effective and popular the discount or bonus should be substantial enough to attract attention. The most popular are across-the-board discounts of 10% or more.


In addition to your discount or bonus offer, you may add a promo code for online purposes and an expiration date to create a sense of urgency and allow the patron time to take advantage of the deal.


What Benefit Will I Receive as a Provider?

This is an opportunity to promote your business with no cost for advertising, promotion, or materials. You also have an opportunity to attract new customers through this program, since the Chamber member employers cover thousands of employees in the Lebanon Valley and beyond and your discount could attract many of them.


The Chamber will promote your discount in a listing of all discount or bonus offers on the Chamber’s website and social media outlets. The Chamber will be promoting this program and your discount at every opportunity.


Take this opportunity to attract many of your fellow Chamber members and their employees to your business.


New Mobile Features


Need help adding a member discount through your Chamber member login? Click here for a step-by-step guide!

Or, contact Jessica Stankovich at with your discount or special offer!

Click here to download the Member-2-Member Marketplace program brochure! 


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