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Thursday, October 15, 2020Business Development

Professional Development Series: Session 1

Professional Development Series: Session 1

Purpose: To provide education, training and tools to employees or anyone in the workforce who may be ready to advance to a managerial position. Individuals attending the training will enter the workforce with a greater skill set. This is an accelerated leader on-boarding program.

This program will occur in person in our board room, with distance between participants and masks. Breaks and mask free time outside of the board room will be allowed when appropriate.


A virtual option will be available for those unable to attend in person. 


Who might utilize this program:

  • Any member business with employees that does not have an internal training program
  • Students and individuals who are looking to advance their skills before applying for a position
  • Employees moving into entry level supervisory positions


Program Structure:

  • Classes will run one time a week for four weeks from 8:00 -10:30 am
  • Classes last 2½ hours each for a total of 10 hours of training


Program Details:

  • Each class after the first will begin with a 30-minute reflection/discussion on how participants applied their new skills throughout the previous week
  • Participants will leave with a toolkit of resources and information to back up the lessons


Training includes:

Session 1: October 15

Self-Evaluation – Temperament: What are your professional strengths and weaknesses, how can you utilize your strengths as a leader and develop strategies to overcome weaknesses. 

Presenter/facilitator: Dennis Mellott - Team Builders


Session 2: October 22

Professional Standards in the Workplace: ethics, behavior, time management.

Presenter/facilitator: Dr. Marianne Bartley, Time to Think.


Session 3: October 29 

How to Manage Staff: Motivation, managing difficult employees, scheduling, understanding HR and legal requirements, hiring and firing. 

Presenter/facilitator: Sage Schott Reed, The Assessment Network.


Session 4: November 5

Becoming Part of the Company Team – advancing the mission and goals of the company, adding innovation and ideas for growth, making the change to management, managing the work-life balance.

Presenter/facilitator Robert Hadfield, Certified SCORE Mentor.


Thursday, October 15, 2020 8:00 AM thru 10:30 AM
Lebanon Valley Chamber of Commerce
604 Cumberland Street

VIRTUAL OPTION AVAILABLE and will be provided upon request. Please register here regardless of how you will attend.
Members - 4 week course: $300
Non-Members - 4 week course: $500


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